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What is the value of an Export Consultant?

The value of an export consultant

People are not sure about the value of an Export Consultant. Many people suggested that we should not use “Export Consultant”. They told us that the “consultant” word will scare potential clients away for two reasons:

  1. Consultant usually is very expensive. Big forms charge thousands of dollars if not millions. “Consultant” and “Consulting” are always linked with a big Dollar mark = Expensive.
  2. Consultant hardly prove their value of the fees they charged. They talk the talk. And there are many consultants without hand-on experience.

We discussed Why do you need an Export Consultant and How can an Export Consultant help.  Let’s have a look at:

What is the value of an Export Consultant?

It is not all about the price it is about the value an export consultant can bring to you.

Our export consultant do not talk the talk, we walk the talk. Our export services have different price module to suit your needs .

We offer three value packages:

  1. Ready for export: If you are new to export market, we will help you find out the potential value of your export business first so you can decide how much you want to invest. We help you start export business in an innovative way.
  2. Grow export business: If you are exporting already and want to increase your export business, we assist you improve the relationship with your current clients, find out new clients and increase your export sales.
  3. Coaching for executives: We help senior executives and export sales team improve their understanding of Asian export market and your Asian clients. We also assist the team to review their export strategy and sales plan. We offer the solutions for their export hurdles.

Our export consultant is a hand-on export professional specialised in China and Japan markets. We are confident to bring value to your export business and help you grow your export business in an innovative way.

If you want to find out your export business value, please contact us.

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