Export fund for SME Export Hubs

There is a new government export fund for SME Export Hubs.

The purpose of the SME Export Hubs is to develop local, regional and indigenous brands through business collaboration. The fund must be used in the identified areas and support SME development through the facilitation of export opportunities and working with the growth centres. 

There are six growth centre sectors: 

  1. Advanced manufacturing
  2. Cyber security
  3. Food & Agriculture
  4. Medical technology & pharmaceuticals
  5. Mining equipment,  technology and services
  6. Oil, gas and energy resources

The grant offers $150,000 to $1.5 million for a maximum four years. 

The eligibility:

  • Have an ABN
  • An incorporated NFP (Not For Profit) organisation
  • An Australia local government agency or body
  • An Australia state/territory government agency or body
  • A RDA (Regional Development Australia) committee.

You are not eligible if you are a SME (an incorporated for-profit organisation) or other bodies not listed above.

For more details, you can visit Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Export Hubs website.

So how to benefit from this grant for SME export Hubs as a SME?

As we discussed before, there are many government funds supporting individual SMEs. You can read “How to get the government funds for export business“.

This grant for SME export hubs is aiming to support export businesses through facilitation and collaboration.

In this case, you do not export as an individuate business which most of the businesses have been done for a long time. You look for new export opportunities through working with other businesses in your areas or in your industry. This is the concept of “export cluster” I mentioned at the “Export to China – A Conversation”.  

If you are a SME, even though you can not apply for the grant directly, you can still benefit from this grant by working with your local government bodies and industry NFP groups. They can apply for the fund and help you find new opportunities. 

As export consultant, we can help you with the export opportunities and develop a successful export cluster – a collaborate export model. 

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