Our export consultant worked in China, Japan, Singapore and Australia across tourism, education and international market development over the past 25 years with many successful stories. Our goal is to help you develop sustainable and profitable export business in an innovative way.

We are specialised in China, Japan, Korea and other export markets in Asia.

Export Consultant Mission:
Link Asia – Win & Keep Asian Clients

You know your business, we know the clients. We speak their languages (Chinese & Japanese) and we know Chinese & Japanese business culture.

If you tell us your export goal we will find the solutions for you.

We do not promise you a quick export sales, we help you build an actionable export strategy and a solid export distribution network which ensure your export business grows organically in these markets.

Our export strategy starts with solid export data analysis based on our deep understanding of the Asia markets.

We link the gaps between the needs of the Asian clients and the capacity of Australian manufacturers.

Export market development takes time, but the results are rewarding.

If you do not try, you will never get.

Now you know us and it is the time to ask yourself three questions:

1. Why do you need an export consultant? The answer is here.
2. How can an export consultant help? The answer is here.
3. What is the value of an export consultant? The answer is here.

Let’s work together and make it happen.

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