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How can an export consultant help?

We mentioned the three reasons that you need an export consultant. You may ask “How can an export consultant help if we have an export team already? ” So what is the export consultant benefit as an outsider?

Jack Trout answered this question in his book “Positioning”.

“… And what does the outsider provide? An ingredient called ignorance. In other words, objectivity. By not knowing what goes on inside a company, the outsider is better able to see what is happening on the outside. In the mind of the prospect. The outsider is naturally attuned to outside-in thinking, while the insider is more comfortable with inside-out thinking.”

Your insider sales team may think your products or service are the best (inside-out thinking), as an outsider, Export consultant try to find out what your consumers think about you and give you the correct “POSITION”. This is the export consultant benefit.

As an outsider, we are bias free. We treat you and your competitors the same; As an outsider, we observe your company and products from the eye of a consumer as well. This is very important if you are exporting to Asia which has different consumer culture. Our export consultant knows Asia business culture and speak their languages (Chinese & Japanese).

If you do not have an export team yet, then an export consultant is a good start – a cost effective way.

Jack Trout died on 5 June 2017 at the age of 82, but what he said about hiring a consultant is still correct: “Don’t try to do everything yourself. Find a horse to ride”.

Thinking about hiring an export consultant? Contact us for a view from an Outsider.

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