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How to success at your first export meeting?

Export Meeting

After long hard working and many emails, your overseas buyers agreed to meet you to discuss the advance of your export business. You boarded the plan and were thinking about how to success at your first export meeting.

Export Meeting

How to success at your first Export meeting

Not speak their language and neither know their business culture, you prepared an attractive presentation in English and hope it works. You had a restless long flight reviewing your presentation and thought about how to get the deal from the first export meeting.

When you arrive at their office, you are very excited to notice their splendid office building and the big boardroom.

Some IT staff help you set up your presentation. A group of young people came in and sit at the back, some middle age managers came in and sit opposite you. Now of them talk to you yet, they are all waiting for someone – the boss. Finally, the boss came in, everyone stand up and the boss sit down at the top end of the table, smiled and noted his head to you.

The meeting started. The buyer you dealt with started the meeting and introduced you to the boss and all the people sitting around the table, but not the young people sitting at the back. You exchanged business cards with the people sitting at the table and try to remember their names. This is a not easy job. You put their cards according to their seat position, a good tactic to put people’s face on their cards.

Presentation started. You happily noticed most of the managers understand English and the interpreter is translating your presentation to the boss very well. Good start, you thought.

During your presentation, you find many managers took notes and showed very interested. You start exchange eye contacts with the managers and try read more from their body languages.

Time for Q&A, the boss asked one technique question. You immediate find out he knows little about your products. Luckily, you get to know the interpreter is indeed the new R&D manager and has a Doctor Degree. You looked at her and started a long conversation about the boss’s question with her. Till you hear a dry cough from the boss, you almost forgot about him – both of you and the interpreter.

The boss thanked you for the presentation and walked out. You thanked the interpreter for her excellent service and promised her you will send her more information to help her research. The buyer kindly guides you out of their office and said good-bye.

You posted a message back to office saying “Great first export meeting”. However, this first export meeting is also a “Good-Bye meeting”. You never see the boss again and your email to the interpreter also received no reply. Couple of months later, you were told the R&D manager (the interpreter) resigned.

Does this sounds familiar? It is a real story.

This is where the export consultant can help with. Here is the rule of the success of your first export meeting:

  • Talk to the boss, not the interpreter!
  • Have your export consultant or interpreter with you.
  • Learn some basic foreign languages before the meeting. Here is very good article telling you “Five Business Chinese words you must remember“.

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