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How to get the government funds for export business?

Australian government support export. From federal government to states governments, there are many government grants available to help you grow your export business. But how to get the government funds for export business?

The most well-know government fund for export is the EMDG – Export Market Development Grant. You can visit Austrade website to learn more about EMDG.

During the Queensland Small Business Week 2018 (28 May – 1 June), we learnt there are more government funds from Queensland government for small and medium businesses (SMEs).

According to the State of Small Business Queensland 2016-2017, 97.4% of all business in Queensland are small business and they contributed $110 billion to Queensland economy in 2015-2016.

Here are more facts:

  • Employment contribution: the small businesses and medium businesses employed 67% while the big businesses only employed 33%.

Source: State of Small Business Queensland 2016-2017

  • The growth of small business: The number of the small businesses in Queensland increased the most during 2015-2016 since 2013. Now there are more than 414,000 small businesses in Queensland.

Small Business Numbers in QLD

Source: State of Small Business Queensland 2016-2017

We do not know how many small and medium businesses (SMEs) in Queensland are exporting, but as we mentioned in our blog “Should SMEs Export?” , there are more than 45,000 SME exporters in Australia and the numbers of SMEs exporters keep growing.

SME Exporters Growth

Source: SEM exporters growth 2013 -2016. Source. ABS Data. For the business size classification, please see here

The Internet, social media and other new digital technology have made the world smaller in communication and marketing. It gives the SMEs more opportunities to export.

We received many inquires from small businesses in Queensland in the past year and we believe more and more SMEs will start exporting if they get the support they need – the government funds the export expertises.

For the government funds, please see some of the available funds below:

  1. Small Business Entrepreneur Grants Program: If you are a new business, this fund provide you up to $5,000 matching fund for you to engage a consultant, adviser or business coach up to 3 months. Export market strategy and export market development are one of the areas.
  2. Small Business Digital Grants Program: As the name of fund, the grant is helping small business access to digital technology and services. We can help you with a digital strategy to pitch Chinese online consumers or attract Chinese tourists. The matching fund is up to $10,000 with minimum of $1,000.
  3. Business Growth Fund Program: If you are scaling up, this fund is for you. Matching up to $50,000, this fund help SMEs purchase and implement specialised equipment or services including export services.
  4. Mentoring for Growth Program: Though this program does not offer finance support, it offers SMEs priceless business advice from a panel of experts. Export Consultant is proud to be a Mentor of the M4G program and mentoring for export.
  5. Support for women in Business: If you are a women entrepreneur, there are some grants and programs designed to support women in business. More and more women are started exporting as well.

To find more about the funds and please visit the linked pages and follow the application procedures.

If you want to know why you need an export consultant, please read our blog “The benefits of an Export Consultant”.


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