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Why do you need an export consultant?

Why should you use an export consultant and what are the export consultant benifit? There are three reasons:

1. Develop new export business:

If you are new to export market, don’t be afraid. Building an export business is not hard, but it requires time and experience. As a business owner, you do not have time to do everything by yourself, because you need to focus on what you are good at, for example, managing and grow your business. Hence, leave the export business to our professional export consultant is a good solution.

Our export-ready package will assist you to get into the export business in an innovative way.

2. Increase current export business:

Most existing export businesses may face a stage where they can’t further grow their export sales. There are two common ways the businesses try to solve this export sales growing problem: hiring more export sales representatives or sacking the export sales manager. However, neither way will solve the export sales growing problems.

For existing export businesses, we offer export market strategy review and help you understand your customers better. The only way to increase your export sales is to understand the needs of your clients and improve your export strategy and business plan.

We understand Asia markets with speciality in China and Japan markets – their languages, their culture and their needs. Based on our LATTE (Listening, Asking, Thinking, Transform and Engagement) method, we offer you a solution from a different angle.

3. Cost-effective:

If you have an existing export business, you cannot increase your export sales team to support your expanding export business endlessly.

If you are new to the export business, it is hard to employ a full-time export manager before you know the export return. Whilst an experienced export manager can cost you an arm and a leg, a cheap inexperienced export manager may miss the precious export opportunities. You cannot afford this opportunity loss.

In situations like above what you need is an export consultant.

An export consultant can help you identify your potential international opportunities and create a tailored export business plan to suit your products and export budget. Best of all, you can get the Export Market Development Grants!(EMDG) if you engage an export consultant.

If you want to know more about EMDG and how we can help, please contact us.

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